The Jail Museum can be booked for special events such as private guided tours, a Night at the Museum, and Paranormal Investigations, and even Escape Room Challenges.  Advanced notification is required and group rates can be arranged.

An In-Character guided tour features your choice of General John A. Logan or the notorious gangster Charlie Birger leading you through the museum and grounds while providing in depth facts about the character, exhibits, and overall history of the museum and area.



In addition to the normal daily tours the museum offers evening and night tours.  Visitors experience the exhibits under the glow of the vintage lighting.  It’s unforgettable to spend time within the cell blocks after dark to understand how inmates coped with the intense confines.

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The Jail Museum has been dubbed the most haunted in America. Some have performed after hours investigations throughout the museum and have video and other electronic recordings to support the haunting discoveries. Recently, s documentaries have been filmed in the museum since the discovery of unexplained activities.  Guided and private Paranormal Investigations are now available.  Contact the Jail Museum to schedule your event.  Click on links from previous “Ghost Hunts”.

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What’s the Escape Room Challenge?  A tricky scenario that requires assembling clues and tools that leads your team to open the one thousand pound door revealing your freedom.  Challenges are scheduled for teams of ten and require up to two hours.